• Smart Vacuum Acid Evaporation System

      Smart vacuum acid evaporation system consists of three modules: graphite heating module, control module and vacuum acid vapor collection module. The graphite heating module is used for the digestion and acid evaporation of the samples; The control module is used to keep the accuracy, uniformity and stability; The vacuum acid vapor collection module is to collect acid vapor into bottle. The vacuum pump of acid vapor collection module pumps acid vapor into bottle to avoid high concentrated acids from damaging the precision testing instruments. The vacuum acid vapor collection module accelerates acid vapor’s formation and transformation, thereby decreases the acid evaporation time. Independence sample space makes sure the high precision and repeatability of analysis.
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    Vacuum acid vapor collection module:
    ●It could work with any brand digestion system such as CEM, Anton Paar, Milestone, SINEO and Preekem.
    The whole system is total enclosed. Diaphragm pump builds up the vacuum and runs under a negative pressure. All acid vapor is absorbed by alkali to avoid pollution.
    Acid evaporation efficiency is highly improved by shortening the acid evaporation time of 3 ~ 4 hours (under normal pressure) to 30 ~ 40 minutes (150 ℃).
    Flexible sample processing capacity. It can handle 1-40 samples at the same time.
    Real time monitoring working status to avoid the samples from being evaporated to dryness.
    It could lower the temperature of acid evaporation to enhance the recovery rate of highly volatile element.
    The whole vacuum system is made of imported PTFE material which prolongs the life time.

    The Graphite Heating Module:
    Safer: Split designed heating modules and controllers. The Controller can be used outside the fume hood to ensure operator’s safety and avoid the controller from damage of corrosive gas.
    More efficiency: State-of-the-art surround and stereo heating technology enhances rapid, effective and convenient digestion.
    Better anti-corrosion performance: The heating module is made of high-density and high-conductivity graphite material with the property of high temperature resistance and high conductivity and high thermal insulation property. The heating module is coated with heat-resistant Teflon coating. Totally enclosed controller is coated with multi-layers anticorrosion painting. The sheath of power cable is made of high corrosion resistance and heat-resistant Teflon FPA treated pipe.
    More reliable: Embedded designed heating modules ensure the reliable, rapid heating and easy maintenance. This feature prolongs its service life 2 to 3 times longer than similar products.
    More accurate: The control system adopts the most advanced intelligent temperature program control technology. User can calibrate temperature to guarantee the best accuracy, uniform and stability. The temperature difference between samples is within ±1℃; There are no metal components on the heating module to avoid pollution, thus ensures the accuracy of the experiment result.
    More beautiful: It’s beautiful and novel in appearance design.
    More durable: It can work continuously more than 48 hours.
    CE labeled, It’s reliable in quality and safety. All our products are with CE label.

    Two Temperature Control Modules are optional:
    CM-I Controller:

    Adopting most advanced intelligent temperature program control technology. Heating temperature, holding time, heating rate and temperature gradient are adjustable.
    5” color LCD touch screen, with man-machine interactive interface.
    Powerful memory can storage 10 protocols with user defined name; each protocol includes 10 segments, totally 100 segments could be defined.
    Accuracy of temperature control: ±0.1℃
    Temperature self-calibration.
    Delayed start.
    Real time displays the program status with curve graph.
    Auto-stop function after the heating cycles completes. Unattended operation.
    Overheat alarm, low temperature alarm, automatic power-off protection.
    Timing boot function.
    Remote control.

    CM-II Controller:

    Fuji temperature controller, heating temperature, holding time and heating rate are adjustable.
    Accuracy of temperature control: ±1℃
    Each protocol includes 8 segments.
    Self-adjustment function.
    Timing boot function.
    Overheat alarm, low temperature alarm, Auto-stop function after the heating cycles complete.
    Technical parameters:

    Full range of products can be customized according to user’s requirements.
    Side thermal protection device is optional to avoid burn traumas.